Saturday, 24 June 2017

Ready for Castings

For the viewers of this Blog, who are not members of AMG, I have shown you over a number of posts, how I make my figures. Probably not the conventional method, and by no means the best, but I am happy with my creations. The figure is 34mm tall.
Over the years I have made over a thousand figures (including major conversions), most of the Milliput creations are painted. In this case, I will at a future date cast the figure in metal, as a one off dedicated to the artist Bob Marrion.

On the Final Lap

The two arms/hands are done and his pipe. The positioning of the pipe was a compromise from the artwork.
Not sure if the photos will show, but finger of the right hand is pressing down the tobacco in the ball of the clay pipe.
Next the axe and bayonet scabbard, followed by tidying up.

Even More Progress

With the French musket finished and the start of his right arm, we can now see the figure 'coming to life'.
On the left I still have to sort out the axe and bayonet scabbard. Left arm still to be Milliputed.
A number of tweaks from the artwork due to casting issues will be:
1. the angle of the axe and bayonet
2. his pipe will have to be positioned differently.

More Progress

The French infantryman is now starting to take shape. His hanging coat thrown partially around his haversack is complete. The face and forage cap finished. Currently working on the French musket.
So far the figure has been most enjoyable.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Some Progress

With the weather being a little cooler, I have managed to Milliput some of the French infantryman in waistcoat.
The brass rod at his front will be built up to form his musket.

Another Slight Diversion

Some weeks ago a member of AMG posted a photograph on the forum of a single piece of artwork by the late artist Bob Marrion.
Private of Regiment de Guyeen. This is shown in the Rene Chartrand's book about Military Uniforms in Canada.
I had never seen it before but as soon as I saw the artwork, I new at some point I would have to make and hopefully cast in metal.
Over the years that I new Bob I purchased loads of original artwork, both in colour and pen & ink. Some was shown in AMG ( book), Bob is synonymous with Military Historians and Military Miniature enthusiasts. Fortunately we have permission to show his work on the private forum, which Bob had honorary membership, but unfortunately not to a wider audience.
Since Bob died, AMG members have been able to purchase original artwork on the Forum.
So if you have the book, then have a look at the picture, it is wonderful.
So today, I took the first steps in making the figure. Given this is a one-off figure, I threw away the rulebook on size and simply soldered the component parts together. My guess is that the figure will be 34mm total height.