Saturday, 24 March 2018

The Prince of Hesse returns to find the Army GONE

Hessians SOLD.
This Blog and the arm of the book have proved successful in selling the five/six Hessian regiments I felt were surplus to my requirements. This afternoon I was made a financial offer that met my expectations. Not wanting to start an auction with other interested parties, I have accepted the said offer.

My Favourite Hessian Regiment of All Time

That honour goes to Regiment von Ditfurth. I much prefer the mitre to the tricorne, probably a reason why my Prussian army has so many fusilier regiments in the collection. I am not sure why I want to part with this regiment but....You can always tell when I particularly like a unit, it seems to have more vignette pieces. With the grenadiers Ditfurth has 62 figures.
I have a few parties interested but no firm offers as yet. One must appreciate such unique figures will not be cheap and may not even sell. This is not a 'fire sale' and if this part of the Hessian army stays in the cabinets, so be it, not a problem.
So far I have not given my contact details. On the book page at the top of the Blog is an email address.

More Photographs of the Hessians

Thank you to all those hobbyists that have emailed following the last two Hessian posts. For those interested parties a few more photographs. Infantry regiment von Bose and grenadier battalion Loewenstein wanted their photographs taken.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Major George Hanger leads the Hessian light troops

If you have AMG and enjoyed the read then you will be aware of the Major. This Hessian light corps will also be made available.
Sorry for the poor photos.

Time to Sell the Hessian Army?

With a Prussian army which is a cast of 1000's do I now still need the Hessians? Over the past few years I have sold the Brunswick army and rationalised the Hessian collection down to a manageable size but with so many blue coated figures in the cabinets, are they all required. In addition I still have the small Wurttemberg army, yes in blue coats.
So I really have to decide what the future holds for the Hessians.
The Hessians amount to:
Seven infantry regiments of 54 figures, musketeers or fusiliers, each having a grenadier company of 12 figures.
Extra grenadier companies
Marksmen drawn from infantry regiments
Vignettes + staff
All painted by MA.
Food for thought
ps used the old camera so not the best photos ...sorry

Thursday, 22 March 2018

As Expected

Took the camera to the experts. Yes, my camera was tired, in need of a good holiday in an expensive repair centre.
Viable proposition.........?
So I brought the camera home and bought a new big brother version. This does everything the old one did, but and the big but.....A-Dep is no longer an option on the camera, so it is back to learning how to take photographs of the figures.
ps. I enclose a few old photos as it might be a while before I can publish new photos with the new camera.